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Winners Tales

Here you can find the winners of our latest prizes and read what they had to say!

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Winners List

Winners Picture
Win one of ten Pizza Hut gift cards competition winner

Mike Wilson

Whilst giving my grandson some extra driving lessons, he wanted to go out for couple of hours commencing around 11am. However, around 12noon he wanted a break from his concentration and suggested a visit to our local Pizza Hut in Warrington, yes I finished paying. So its a thank you from him and a thank you from me, Pizza Hut, he passed his driving test first time.

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Adult Colouring Book Competition Winner

Vicky Wallace

The adult colouring book was full of some lovely picture of wild animals which I will enjoy colouring in. Thank You!

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Tesco Gift Card Competition Winner

Peter Cobham

Thank you, I don't normally win anything, but this will pay for my shopping for the month!

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Tesco Gift Card Competition Winner

Alan Cork

When you telephoned and told me I had won £100 Tesco Gift Card I admit to being suspicious, thinking it was yet another scam. But it was totally genuine. I received the card the next day and have started spending it. What an unexpected gift! My daughter has just got married and I am putting on a modest party for her and her husband in my house so the timing could not be better. The prize will contribute to much of the food and drink for the party. I am very grateful. Thank you.

Winners Picture
Argos Gift Card Competition Winner

Maxine Wood

This is the first time I have ever won a competition. I am thrilled with my £500 Argos Gift Card. I will be able to treat my grandchildren now. Thank you UK Prize Team

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Pizza Hut Gift Card Competition Winner

Gail Wagstaff

Thank you so much for the £50 Pizza Hut voucher. I didn't believe that I had won until the voucher arrived in the post. I'm definitely going to enter in more UK Prize competitions. Thanks again

Winners Picture
£100 Pharmacy and Beauty Products Gift Card Competition Winner

Michael Curley

I am absolutely delighted with the win I had for '£100 to spend on Pharmacy and Beauty products competition'.

Winners Picture
£2000 Cash Competition Winner

David Morgan

Winners Picture
Pizza Hut Gift Card Competition Winner

Jacquie Gill


Winners Picture
£15,000 Cash Competition Winner

Chris Townsend

Until I got the knock on the door and the cheque in my hand I couldn't quite believe it. Thanks to every one at UK Prize I'm able to get laser eye surgery and finally get the jobs around the house finished. This really couldn't have come at a better time.