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Car Competitions To Win A Land Rover

Car Competitions To Win A Land Rover

Wouldn’t you just love to enter some free car competitions and win a car?

There are various types of cars you can win but one of the most popular first prizes is the Land Rover.

The Land Rover is a car manufactured in Britain and is a company that specialises in four wheel drive vehicles and, behind the jeep, is the second oldest four-wheel-drive car brand in the world.

There is an assortment of models that are produced and are intended for various uses like in town driving, long range driving and off road driving. The Land Rover brand was developed over a number of years and the brand included a range of four-wheel-drive models, including the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, the Freelander, Discovery and Defender selling a total of 194,000 vehicles worldwide in 2009.
One of the main benefits that attract people is the fact that the seats are positioned high allowing the driver and passengers to look down on other cars possibly giving an air of superiority.

Land Rovers are extremely popular and many can be seen on the ‘school run’ being viewed as the latest ‘must have’ accessory.

They are extremely comfortable cars to cruise the motorways on long trips and all benefit from being equipped with the latest modifications making them a most enjoyable ride for driver and passengers alike.

There are many car competitions currently offering motor vehicles as the main prize but slowly and gradually the Land Rover car is being offered as the top prize for the winning ticket.

One of these cars could be yours by entering from one of a range of competitions featuring cars as the main prize.

These advertisements can be seen in newspapers, a variety of magazines and similarly, there are many additional competitions publicised on the internet where you can win anything from regular saloon cars, a family car, a people carrier, electric cars, a small sports car, luxury sports cars or off road cars like the various Land Rover models available just mentioned.

Shopping centres and airports alike around the country can similarly be seen where car stands advertising cars as a prize are now regularly offering the Land Rover as the main reward.

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Users Review

23/02/2012  By Francisco

30/03/2012  By cher harrison

Id love to win this my cars is pants

03/07/2012  By isobel

03/07/2012  By isobel

20/04/2013  By Faiçal


20/04/2013  By Faiçal


15/05/2013  By winter

how do i enter to win??

29/12/2013  By Andrea spencer

Hi my name is Andrea spencer, I love this car since I was a child:)), i been dreaming to win one since I can't afford one my self so I though I'll try my luck :))). thank you so much for the opportunity God bless xxxx

05/01/2014  By Tom Stuart

Yes please

28/02/2014  By katherine

I would love to have a range rover...drove one but never had the pleasure to own one...they are extremely reliable and very comfortable. ..even tho I'm and 5'3 :) I'd love one know my kids would travel in comfort and safety. So yeah my dream dream car just sorted of ????

19/03/2014  By Alexiss

Hi my name is Alexiss Distant, I love this car since I was a child, i been dreaming to win one half my life Because my family can't afford one so I though I'll try my luck. I Need Want A This Car So Bad.. :((((((((

01/04/2014  By byarugaba walter

I love this car since I was a child, i been dreaming to win one half my life i can't afford one so I though I'll try my luck. I Need Want A This Car So Bad God be with me

01/04/2014  By byarugaba walter

I love this car since I was a child, i been dreaming to win one half my life i can't afford one so I though I'll try my luck. I Need Want A This Car So Bad God be with me

07/04/2014  By fatima

I love this car my kids ask for it everytime they offer their prayers its the family dream car

07/04/2014  By fatima

I love this car my kids ask for it everytime they offer their prayers its the family dream car

10/05/2014  By Kiara

I am an exploring enthusiast and nature lover! I have pictured traveling cross country in this car since the first time I have seen it. This is an amazing opportunity and I would be so honored to win!!

04/06/2014  By eren

Selam alemkum my name is Eren I love this car i think is one of the best car ever i been dreaming to have one since I can't afford to have one my self so I though I'll try my luck but still don't think is impossible and i don't believe it will happend:))). thank you so much for the opportunity Allah bless everyone

13/06/2014  By K

Never drove a 4x4 before if I win I will see what all the fuss is about

29/10/2014  By indra jang gurung

HOW can i win this car

30/11/2014  By wisdom

I really wan't to win this car for my father.

08/02/2015  By Mark Lennox

Style, class, status; enough said.

09/07/2015  By Scottcoull

Never won nothing . Every dog has his day fingers crossed

01/11/2015  By Awaiskhan

I want to join this competition .

18/11/2015  By Shazia

I would love to win a family Land Rover.bc

11/02/2016  By Nicola

I would love this car! I would use it on a daily basic! I have been wanting one for years but haven't been able to afford one, to win a Land Rover would make me the happiest person!

12/03/2016  By Leslie

3 years ago, I got violently ill. I had to close my firm. I was finally diagnosed with progressive ms. My husband owned a 53 yr old restaurant we took great pride in. It was our towns' icon. While I was ill and trying to get stable after loosing one eyeball vision, and assorted other major medical problems, he worked alone, 7 days a week, w/o me. He collapsed as I was getting stable. I found him at the Hospital after 3 hours of searching. We lost the business, his health, we're trying to save our home from foreclosure. I am now digging us out of financial collapse. Myself! And, I will, somehow! I have 2 jobs, 2 wonderful kids, and, a car that is falling apart. I need a new car to get to my 2 jobs/ not kidding/ and figured I would take a shot at maybe, just maybe, there was a contest for the one I love! I am happy, stable with the ms- no wheelchair for me! My encouragement has been my stilettos. Yes- if I can walk in my stilettos , I made it thru! My family calls it "Stiletuotude"- my Dr's and team, love my attitude! I need a new car for work and Dr's and can not believe how lucky j am to feel this great! It's just MS and I'm kicking it's ass. But- I still nedds car and my dream is a Range Rover! Hey-,I can dream, can't I? And, I doubt this- but if I win, and if I ever need s wheelchair, which won't happen-- it'll fit in the trunk of my new RR!! Thank you for listening to my pity party/ NOT- just the truth! I need s car to support my family!! That's the truth! And a dream! Leslie Bilotta thank you again!!!xo

10/04/2016  By Jeremy Naylor

I think the Range Rover is one of the best cars on the road today.It's got the full package great looks and full of great toys.There is 5 of us in my family and we would love the extra space+we have a caravan so it would be great for towing.Got my fingers crossed

15/04/2016  By Diane

This is my dream car,it ticks all the boxs for me and would be great for my family of 5.

04/05/2016  By krishnsn

your car winner details pleas

02/09/2016  By Suleiman

I did not really think about it before I have a Land Rover, but it brought me last engineering model like something born today.

20/01/2017  By umar mansuri

my dream car

07/02/2017  By Ahirwe Godson

Nothing to say but hopping to win ma dream car from range rover.

26/04/2017  By Neville Agyemang

It will be amazing to win a Range Rover before I get married this year

02/05/2017  By Dossett

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11/05/2017  By Thobile

I would really be happy to win because I've never had a car in my life please I wanna win.

07/06/2017  By Dhurim

I really like all Land Rover series and i will be happy to owned one of this superjeep 4x4. Land Rover have long tradition on 4x4 and with one of Land Rover i will feel like a king.

15/09/2017  By Alger

I have noticed you don't monetize your page, don't waste your traffic, you can earn additional cash every month because you've got hi quality content. If you want to know how to make extra $$$, search for: best adsense alternative Wrastain's tools

24/09/2017  By sam

I have 100 pound land rover would be could

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