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Competitions To Win Your Wedding

Competitions To Win Your Wedding!

If you are engaged, you are probably thinking about setting a date for your wedding day. However, the most common roadblock for many people is the cost of the day.

If you want your dream day, which many people obviously do, then it can be very expensive to afford the wedding that you really want. Many people have to settle for a registry office and a village hall for their big day in order to keep costs down. They may not even be able to feed their guests because a large chunk of the budget for a wedding is allocated to food. On the other hand, you may not be able to afford the number of guests that you would like at your wedding; perhaps you have to just cut it down to the main people in your family, like your parents your brother or sister and maybe a grandparent, which means that many people like your aunty, your uncle and your friends and your friends of the family would not be invited.

To achieve the dream wedding you would like, you may have to save up for many years; in some cases a couple can take up to 10 years to afford the wedding of their dreams.

It would be so much easier if you could win the money for your wedding! Today, with UK prize, you could enter a competition and could win £10,000 worth of wedding vouchers for your big day. What an excellent prize to win, which means you do not have to stress and strain about the cost of many items at the wedding, because these vouchers are totally free!

You could spend the wedding vouchers on dresses or suits, or perhaps on the little details which will make your wedding so perfect. Perhaps you would like to start the day by serving all of your guests a glass of champagne - what could be better and more luxurious?

With this wedding prize, all you need to do is enter your name, details and answer a few basic questions then click enter; then just think lucky thoughts until the winner is announced! If you do not win this time, do not worry, there are plenty of other prizes that are regularly updated on this site. You may want to check out the cash competitions or holiday prizes sections, which would be great for a free honeymoon!

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Users Review

06/09/2013  By Joanne

Love help for my wedding as I always put people 1st I bin with my partner for 22 years but we always made sure everyone else is ok before us Iam my dads carer and I do alot of charty work at hospice where my mum was to put a smile on there faces but I would love a smile for us for a change I not only lost my mum I lost my brother and mt lovely son as well so can u help us have a smile for a change thankyou x Joanne

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