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Gaming Competitions Articles

Gaming Competitions Articles

Here at UK Prize we love gaming and with so many new releases it can be difficult to know what to spend your money on and which games to watch out for.

This is why this section of our site includes all information about gaming, such as new releases, reviews, blog posts and general information to help your gaming experiences become even better.

On our gaming competitions section, you can find some great games to win. Just some of the prizes you might expect to see on this site includes the latest Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo console, more accessories like extra remotes and webcams, the latest game, classic games and even tickets to gaming events and shows. 

Why not enter and get your friends to enter too? This will give you maximum chances of winning! We don’t charge you anything for entering our competitions, making us one of the leading prize competition sites in the UK. After filling in some details you can submit your entry and then keep your fingers crossed until the winner of the competition is announced.

We regularly update the site to ensure new gaming information and articles are added daily, to give you lots of things to read and tell your friends! There will be something on here for everyone, however old you are, whatever you like to play, and however often you play.