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Cash Competitions Articles

Cash Competitions Articles

This section of our website involves anything to do with money! Whether you call it dough, buck, wonga, shrapnel, moolah, lolly, or dosh – we all could do with a cash boost and let’s face it, wouldn’t life be easier if we had some more of it in the bank?

Here you will find articles, information and blog posts on all things money related. We will discuss what money means to you, spending your money wisely and saving money for a rainy day.

UK Prize also run some fabulous cash competitions in our competitions section. This includes cash bundles which you can spend on whatever you want, vouchers to spend in a certain store and even money off opportunities, like money of your student loan.

So what would you spend the cash on? It’s nice to dream! Some of our cash winners have enjoyed spending the cash on a new car, a shopping spree, paying off some credit card debts or utility bills, saving for a great Christmas, or a family holiday.

Whatever you decide to spend the money on, you can be sure that UK Prize has the hottest cash competitions in town, which are regularly updated with new and exciting opportunities.

This part of the website is also constantly updated with new information and interesting reads. We would hate you to miss out so please check back regularly to see what new things we have posted on this page!

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